Acoulab有限公司是一家全球性的成立于1998年的公司。研发在加拿大的AcouLab国际公司开始。制造基地位于首尔的AcouLab Korea。 凭借我们在超声波技术方面的杰出经验和知识,我们为研发,故障失效分析,质量控制和生产检测系统提供最优质的超声波产品。 AcouLab致力于尖端技术,并自豪地推出“新一代声学解决方案”。 AcouLab致力于开发最先进的Truly Digital“AcouLab SAM 2002TM系列”扫描声学显微镜系统,我们还在浸入式和非浸入式系统的扫描方法中提供高端系列自动SAM。 AcouLab是基于PC的超声波测试系统设计的系统,用于NDT无损探伤检测应用。我们的主要重点是提供经济有效的检测解决方案,以满足客户的需求。

Acoulab Co., Ltd. is a worldwide established company in 1998. The R&D was started in AcouLab International, Canada. The manufacturing base was located in AcouLab Korea, Seoul.

With our distinguished experiences and knowledges in ultrasonic technology, we provide the best quality of ultrasonic products for R&D, Failure Analysis, Quality Control and Production Inspection system. AcouLab committed to cutting edge technology and proudly presents the "New Generation Acoustic Solution".

AcouLab is dedicated to developing the most advanced Truly Digital "AcouLab SAM 2002TM Series" Scanning Acoustic Microscopy system, and we also provide the High End Series of Automatic SAM in both scanning methods of Immersion and Non-Immersion Systems. 

AcouLab is a system designed in PC-Based Ultrasonic Testing Systems for NDT application. Our primary focus is to provide cost effective inspection solutions to satisfy our customers needs.